Rental Property Loans

Rental Property   Nationwide lending.  We do not lend on primary residences.


This program is perfect for the experienced investors and novice investors alike.

30 Year Fixed Rate Loan

Interest Rates 6.99 to 9.0% based on credit scores

Minimum loan amount $50,000.00

Prepayment Penalty 5 years and steps down each year

LTV 60% to 75%


5/1 Arm

Floats on Libor after 5 years

LTV 60% to 75%

Prepayment penalty 5 years and steps down each year.

FICO 660

Corporations, LLC, and Partnerships ok


2+1 Loan Program

For the Investor looking to bridge the gap between short term financing and permanent financing for rentals, multifamily, mixed use properties

2 Year Interest only balloon

Can give 12 month extension for 1% fee

Prepayment Penalty first 6 months

Minimum Loan Amount $50,000.00

Financing types:  purchase, refinance, cash out

LTV 50%-75%

Blanket Options for portfolios

Fix and Hold Program will provide short ­term purchase rehab, which will roll into our
Rental permanent loan once property is renovated. Loans based off the ARV
Non-­owner occupied only
Foreign nationals  (non citizens) up to 60%LTV
No property management company required
No limit on number of properties financed

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Yes, we have blanket mortgages for qualified properties.

We can handle cash out refinances for rentals.