Real Estate As A Business

Have you considered starting a business? Wondering what business you can start that would be profitable? If you are seeking a certain level of freedom with a product that will always be in demand, you should consider investing in rental property. The rental industry is a business that can be home based that you can start in your spare time while you work your full time job and expand your business as you gain a level of confidence that comes with experience and knowledge of the real estate game.

People will always need a place to live. If you decide to take the route of becoming a real estate investor, the income from your rental property can be classified as a possible business source of income along with some expenses as deductions. Depending on your entity setup, I would check with your CPA or tax adviser for your individual situation to be certain.

Start small. Invest in a small inexpensive rental property to gain experience as a landlord.

The real estate investing field can potentially give you some upward financial mobility to allow you to decide if your job continues to be a necessity to pay the bills, becomes a source of income for you to save money for the down payment on your next rental investment, or your job is taking too much of your time because your small business of investing in real estate is now becoming a profitable full time business.

Breaico, LLC has rental property financing to help you get started on your business empire. We have full documentation as well low documentation loans for investors.